Bed and Breakfast Etiquette

Choosing a B&B as a repeated or first time guest is a great experience.
Visiting for a getaway by yourself or romantic partner is one we hope will be comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable. Your host wants you to return and to tell your family and friends what a wonderful visit you had and how you can hardly wait to return. Most innkeeper will go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable experience filled with precious memories.
Tell host/ reservationist  if you have any allergy or diet restrictions when you make your reservation to less complicate your meals. Check their web site for policies. This is the same respect you would want to inform someone visiting you. If they only make reservations from 9 am to 7 pm respect this rule. If you are going to be late for check in please notify them. Arrive for breakfast, lunch or dinner on time not minutes before they close the kitchen. Be reasonably quiet with the tv. Do not take robes or towels home with you. This would be wrong in any situation even a large hotel. If you have fallen in love with certain items ask if they are for sale. They may only have a limited supply so do not be upset if they cannot provide this for you but you may just get lucky and they will sell it to you at a reasonable price or at least tell you where you may purchase what you want. You may have the opportunity to meet other guest who like exchanging information but be careful not to intrude on their getaway it may not be appreciated but on the other hand they may enjoy your company. Be respectful to your host. This is their home and they want to please you. Your host is a great source of local information, places to visit and dine. Many Bed and Breakfast Inns offer an afternoon tea or an after evening drinks. Make sure you do not  drink too much and make sure if you smoke you abide by their rules. Some allow outside in smoking areas and some do not allow smoking on their property at all. Check for their policy. Respect their rules. We cannot say this enough.
Choosing a Bed and Breakfast Inn can be a wonderful experience. Clean, cozy and comfortable and the wonderful hospitality of your host, breakfast and evening get together is a relaxing.
There are Bed and Breakfast Inns for almost every experience. Ask about coupons they may offer for area attractions. Many B&B Inns will rent the whole inn for Weddings or Events. Since many B&B Inns are owned by professional chefs your in for the best possible breakfast or dinner.
Your pet. Ask what their policy.
Children. Again ask their policy.
Business Stays…Ask about short or long term stays. Those midweek days are usually less expensive and provide not only the best prices but an enjoyable experience.
Leaving a tip. A tip is always greatly appreciated.
Don’t forget is a great source of recommending Bed and Breakfast Inn.
We wish you a wonderful visit to a Bed and Breakfast Inn that you will want to return to again and again.


Aspiring Innkeepers Class

Summer is ending and maybe your are looking for a change in your career.
Are you in the market to purchase a B&B/Inn as a new career? The main focus of this blog is to inform you, it is to your advantage to attend an Innkeeping Seminar. We know that you will want to make changes to the property to design your own unique decor and that will be a substantial cost.  Maybe you will have to modernize the B&B/Inn to an updated and modernize the style but also still keeping with the tradition of the overall look. The Aspiring Innkeeping classes should be not only for new innkeepers but also for those who have been in business for several years to be informed as to what is new in the B&B/Inn business. Aspiring Innkeeping classes are offered those who have an eye for details and want to improve their skills the ability to make the right changes or improve what they are doing now. Since every Bed and Breakfast Inn is different and the personality of each innkeeper is also different social networking is a must.  Just working out the details where to purchase, purchasing price, any loans you will need, we always suggest discussing with Rick Newman any financial needs or renovation financial needs you may have, how you are going to change the B&B/Inn and put your own touch on the property, is the property turn key or do you need to close and reopen with the new changes, marketing (should you have the web site redone and most of the time our team recommends this to put your own signature on the business). The cost of a new web site is small compared to the business return. Ask your designer for advise on what to advertise on your new web site amenities the previous owners may not be doing now. This is one of the many reasons you purchased the business was to take the business to a higher level. These are just a few of the ideas you will be discussing during your Aspiring Innkeepers class. Know that being an innkeeper is not to be taken lightly there is a lot of decisions to be made.  It is truly an undertaking that one should be in business with someone they trust. Going it alone can be overwhelming. We would just like to encourage you to take classes in Innkeeping should you be purchasing a B&B Inn or even deciding to change careers and become an exceptionally great Innkeeper helping the owners improve the B&B’s Inn doing it the right way. On our we have a page of Innsitter’s. You will find a click through to Innsitter’s page. If you are a qualified Innkeeper please e-mail us and we will add your short resume and photos. Our is a directory of Bed and Breakfast Inns for purchase if you need help deciding where to purchase please visit our web site or call us at 1 888 707-4626. We also include potential B&B’s for sale. We hope this blog has been helpful and we encourage you again to take the Innkeeping classes that are available in your area. Thank you, the aardvark team.  Should you teaching Aspiring Innkeepers classes for potential buyers we invite you to advertise on . 

Grand Plaza Cafe in New Port Richey, Florida

Visiting the West Coast of Florida and the Tampa Bay area we recommend the Grand Plaza Cafe. Not only is the food fantastic but once a month there is a band and dancing. This months big show:
They are one of the most popular bands in the area. We suggest making reservations ahead of time for the event.
Monday through Thursday from 4 pm to 8 pm ask about the two for twenty-two menu. Prices are very affordable. Children’s menu’s available. Breakfast, lunch and dinner welcome.
If you find yourself in the New Port Richey area, call to make reservations at (727) 264-8878.

A Safe Home & A Few Days Away

We all love to take some time away from home and away from work to simply relax on vacation. This can be anything from a week away somewhere exotic to a simple trip to a bed and breakfast so that you can relax with someone you love for the weekend. Regardless, however, it can be fairly difficult to enjoy your relaxation time while away if you are too busy worrying about the security of your home in your absence. This can certainly be a problem with people who have not adequately prepared their homes to be safe in their absence, and it can unfortunately ruin vacations. Fortunately, however, it is not too difficult to keep your home safe in your absence here are a few helpful tips!

Be sure that your home security system includes working smoke detectors. Break-ins are certainly unfortunate, but they at least tend to occur without damaging your property a fire, however, can destroy your home while you are away, and can start in a complete accident. With smoke detectors installed, however, the fire department will be alerted if there is any indication of a fire on your property, and your home may be salvaged even in your absence.

Check on the rest of your home security system as well, to make sure that your alarm, as well as any additional features (such as motion detectors, trip wires, locks, security cameras, etc.) is in working order. If not, contact your home security provider to discuss upgrades and repairs before you go, and remember to set your system so that it can protect your home in your absence.

Leave a light on while you are away, but be strategic about it. Many criminals who break into homes watch their target homes for days before attempting a break-in, so it is important to make your home appear occupied without being obvious for example, if you leave a corner room light on, anyone watching the house can tell that the same light is on day and night. However, if you leave a few lights on in the interior of your home, it is less apparent that the same lights are on at all times, and you may succeed in fooling a potential criminal.

Ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your property while you spend a few days away. Not only can they pick up your newspapers in order to avoid a pileup another subtle indication to observers that you are out of town but they can also take note of any suspicious activity that may occur on or around your property. A watchful eye can be a vital aspect of home security.

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Savannah in the Spring

The Romantic Inn Savannah is perfect for an intimate Wedding or Honeymoon escape. Romance, Leisure or Business Welcome. This Luxury Historic Savannah Bed and Breakfast offers fantastic Specials and Packages to pamper you. Refer a friend and receive a discount. You will look forward to a full gourmet breakfast in the mansion or courtyard garden, enjoy high tea in the afternoon and there is also an on-site bar. Give the Ballastone Inn a call about their wedding or elopement packages. Ballastone Inn rooms are absolutely beautiful and so comfortable. Visit and make your reservations. Spring and Summer are approaching and a getaway to Savannah is the perfect destination right there at 14 East Oglethorpe Avenue Savannah The Aardvark Team

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The 2011 Super Bowl is fast approaching and so is your super, Super Bowl party with the mass assortment of appetizers, drinks, bbq, and desserts it can be daunting on what to choose. Well let us help out with some quick and great tasting food items that everyone can enjoy!

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought this would be a good time to take a look at some of the more romantic restaurants from around the country. We have picked some popular and exciting travel destinations like Los Angles, Las Vegas, and the always exciting New York City. No matter if you taste is seafood, classic french cuisine, a juicy steak, or even Vegetarian we have come up with a restaurant to satisfy any taste. Don’t forget to let us know what your local favorite restaurant, we just might to a special on them!
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