Bed and Breakfast Etiquette

Choosing a B&B as a repeated or first time guest is a great experience.
Visiting for a getaway by yourself or romantic partner is one we hope will be comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable. Your host wants you to return and to tell your family and friends what a wonderful visit you had and how you can hardly wait to return. Most innkeeper will go out of their way to make your stay enjoyable experience filled with precious memories.
Tell host/ reservationist  if you have any allergy or diet restrictions when you make your reservation to less complicate your meals. Check their web site for policies. This is the same respect you would want to inform someone visiting you. If they only make reservations from 9 am to 7 pm respect this rule. If you are going to be late for check in please notify them. Arrive for breakfast, lunch or dinner on time not minutes before they close the kitchen. Be reasonably quiet with the tv. Do not take robes or towels home with you. This would be wrong in any situation even a large hotel. If you have fallen in love with certain items ask if they are for sale. They may only have a limited supply so do not be upset if they cannot provide this for you but you may just get lucky and they will sell it to you at a reasonable price or at least tell you where you may purchase what you want. You may have the opportunity to meet other guest who like exchanging information but be careful not to intrude on their getaway it may not be appreciated but on the other hand they may enjoy your company. Be respectful to your host. This is their home and they want to please you. Your host is a great source of local information, places to visit and dine. Many Bed and Breakfast Inns offer an afternoon tea or an after evening drinks. Make sure you do not  drink too much and make sure if you smoke you abide by their rules. Some allow outside in smoking areas and some do not allow smoking on their property at all. Check for their policy. Respect their rules. We cannot say this enough.
Choosing a Bed and Breakfast Inn can be a wonderful experience. Clean, cozy and comfortable and the wonderful hospitality of your host, breakfast and evening get together is a relaxing.
There are Bed and Breakfast Inns for almost every experience. Ask about coupons they may offer for area attractions. Many B&B Inns will rent the whole inn for Weddings or Events. Since many B&B Inns are owned by professional chefs your in for the best possible breakfast or dinner.
Your pet. Ask what their policy.
Children. Again ask their policy.
Business Stays…Ask about short or long term stays. Those midweek days are usually less expensive and provide not only the best prices but an enjoyable experience.
Leaving a tip. A tip is always greatly appreciated.
Don’t forget is a great source of recommending Bed and Breakfast Inn.
We wish you a wonderful visit to a Bed and Breakfast Inn that you will want to return to again and again.