Giving for the Holidays

xmas-givingAs Christmas draws closer and the big department stores offer great discounts where are you? Some of us are at Walmart, Target, and even the Dollar Store. All we want to do is tell our loved ones that we care enough to say Merry Christmas and Hanukkah.
It does not matter if we are religious or just loving and caring of those in our lives and even give a little attention to those we see who are going without and that seems to be going around a lot today. I have friends who give out hundreds of gifts. These are for their family, coworkers, friends and those not so fortunate.

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25 inspirational Christmas Trees


Christmas is soon approaching and that means spending time with the family and putting up your Christmas Tree. Like many of us you may already  have that traditional tree with a special ornaments that have been passed down over the years. Now how about if this is your first family tree or you are just in the mood for something new. Well we have 25 inspirational Christmas Trees that is sure to help you find some great ideas for this years tree, no matter if it is real, fake, or just down right bazaar.

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Choosing a Real Christmas Tree

Time to Celebrate and Decorate

Christmas is the beautiful time for celebration and the joyous tradition of decorating our homes and our hearts. It is one that all families look forward to from trimming the tree, hanging our stocking over the fireplace (or somewhere near our tree) for Santa to fill. Christmas cooking, oh yes, thanks to all the wonderful cooks who make our cookies, homemade candy, pies, cakes to share with those we love and those we maybe just barely know or not we just want to smile and say Happy Holiday and here is a little something from our family.
Our beautiful Christmas trees no matter how small or large, real or artificial are a tradition. Carrying on this tradition is important to the family and friends we love. After all we sharing our beautiful “tree art” by inviting you to see our tree..

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