Going Green – A Modern Look For B&B’s

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Bed and Breakfast News around the world says “going green” is something you want to consider when purchasing a bed and breakfast inn. A “green environment” for your guest is being a responsible owner/innkeeper of your B&B/inn property.

What does it mean to “go green”? Recycling paper, aluminum, glass, cardboard and asking your staff to commit to this too is important. Do away with plastic. Use stainless steel reusable water bottles and not plastic bottles. If painting your bed and breakfast, use the best water-based paint that has no air pollutants. Think about the cleaning products you will be using. Cotton rags are the best to clean with. Turn off electric appliances when they are not in use. Shutting off your TV, lights, computers, toasters, etc. will not only save you money but will help with “going green”. Turn the off the hot water heater when not in use or at least turn it down. Get rid of aerosol cans. Dispose of chemical waste. Use reclaimed lumber for floors, doors, fences and any other things you need to repaid that are wooden on your property. Donate to thrift stores for recycling furniture and clothing. Use a timer when taking a shower; those few minutes less will keep your water heating costs down. Make sure you have full loads for washer, dryer and dishwasher before washing and drying. Make lists before you go out to do your shopping this way you will not use so much fuel and the environment will be safer.

Plant a garden of vegetables or flowers to have fresh arrangements every day for your guests and your inn. Did you know planting a tree reduces carbon dioxide up to 2,000 pounds a year in the environment? A couple of trees would be a great contribution to “going green”.

As you can see InnsForSale.com and BedAndBreakfastNetwork.com has strong opinions about “going green”. Set the example for guests to see you use so they will follow. We strongly encourage you to read as much as you can and put into action “going green” for your bed and breakfast inn, for yourself and most importantly, for mother earth.

Refresh Your Home


  • Open a box of Baking Soda if the room needs a fresh aroma.
  • Indoor plants good
  • Take out your trash often
  • Simmer cinnamon, cloves, fresh ginger or any herbs. These are all natural scents and make your home smell delicious. Pure essential oil is good too


Natural Homemade furniture polish

1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 lemon juice mixed in equal part or 1 cup olive oil and 1/2 cup lemon juice. Shake in a spray bottle, clean and wipe. That will clean almost everything in your house. Not only your kitchen and bathroom but also your clothes for stains and odor.

Another Green household hit brought to you from BedandBreakfastNetwork.com

Planting Your Annuals in April

As my dad used to say “April Showers Bring May flowers”

Turn the soil in your flower garden because it has been sitting and needs oxygen. Mix in some mulch to enrich the soil.

Fertilize and or compost to feed the soil and enriches it.

Your perennials (these last two years or more) may need a little help too so make sure the soil around them is healthy and they are watered.

Choose your annuals (need to be replace each year) impatiens, begonia, snapdragon, coleus and petunia. These look really nice if the colors compliment each other. Annual are best planted if they have not yet bloomed because there is a chance they may go into shock or root bound in the transplant but do not hesitate to plant them. The usually bloom quickly after transplant.

Dig your little hole in the ground enough so the plant will fit and then fill in with additional soil packing lightly. I use fertilized soil from the plant section of any garden store adding a little water. Then I add a some mulch around them to hold in the moisture to hydrate.

In a few days I add banana peelings to the mulch and the flowers flourish. The potassium gives them a boost.
Happy gardening. Know you will enjoy planting and see your beautiful garden.

Reclaimed Space

Reclaimed Space require less space with all the comfort and convenience of a typical homes. Building smaller provide spaces that are economical. A small cabin in the country or family size home. All delivered…Reclaimed Spaces are drop-ready, which means the trucks show up with a ready-to-live-in house, simply needing utility and/or alternate energy hook-ups. Within hours of delivery you could by living in your brand new sustainable home. www.reclaimedspace.com

Just a Little Green

I was going to write some short comments on “going green” and how important even just a little green means and how serious it is. The trend can mean tax credits while helping the planet. If your contribution is not substantial enough to warrant those credits, start with shopping. Just how organic are your meals. Remember toxins are stored in the meats, fruits and vegetables that are exposed to pesticides. Not so great for your health. Going “green” can be anything from the bags you bring home your purchases, to clothing you wear, bedding you sleep on, furniture you buy to just changing your life habits. Get out there read more about how we can make a better life for our children and our children’s children and for ourselves.
That Bed and Breakfast Inn you are so proud of can show your guests that you really care. They will go home and say “We can do that and more” Next time we meet I hope you have taken another step to “green”.

10 Easy ways for a Green Bed and Breakfast

Going Green

Bed and Breakfast Network wants to help in some small way to make our planet green and save you some money too. We have all watched Ed Begley, Jr. and admired his passion for the environment and saving money for all of us. There are so many simple things we can do just to get started making this a better world.  As we find out what great things we are doing no matter how small we want to do more and more. It is such a satisfying feeling to know the little bit we contribute really does help not just ourselves but our children, grandchildren and many more generations to come. Having a short conversation with someone without preaching but giving them knowledge may have an affect that we may never know about. www.BedandBreakfastNetwork.com would love to hear your “Green” stories ” just e-mail green@bedandbreakfastnetwork.com we will try to publish as many as we can.
Thank you the Aardvark Team
Thank’s Ed your doing a great job.

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