Selling Your Bed and Breakfast (Part 1)

Well, you have finally decided alone or hopefully with your partner or closest trusted friend or business manager to sell your Bed and Breakfast Inn. The first thing you have to do after the decision has been made is to take a deep breath think a little about how you got into this business the good days and the bad one and then step back and say out loud to you yourself “this is no longer my home or business and I will no longer look up on it as such but will maintain it at it best and prepare it to the liking of the general public without any of my own personal objects in the way.
I will sit down and decide where to start and how much to spend on.

In Part one we will start with the cosmetics of your Bed and Breakfast
1. Curb Appeal/ Exterior Appeal
2. Interior Appeal

Curb Appeal (Exterior)

I decided to start with the curb appeal because maybe by the time I had finished the curb & the interior the flowers would have grown. I first started with the house it self, it was newly painted 2 years ago so I had a company come and pressure wash the exterior and the drive way. Then we went to Walmart for some beautiful plants & a few new shrubs. We did not need many but just enough to fill in and let the new owners know our B&B/Inn is well cared for.  Actually this was one of the things I loved to do each spring and to match the flowers with the color of the house. Back to weeding, edging and trimming  the front and backyards. There was just a few repairs we decided to have a re-seal on the driveway to make it look fresher so the pressure was a good idea before that was done. More plants on the porch and some hanging one. The porch floor should really be painted so we allowed a couple of days for that. Finally everything in place and we were happy.

Interior on the Cheap

Now for the interior. We started on the third floor (attic area where we store things instead of the garage) vacuumed, cleaned the windows and boxed up everything. Much neater. Second floor 5 bedrooms. Stripped every thing down, wipe down wallpaper, repainted the woodwork & had the carpets cleaned, windows washed inside and out. The same for the 3 bedrooms, dining room, living room and library on the main floor. Now the kitchen. Updated the faucets, new dishwasher (it was not replaced when we purchased) replaced all the cabinet knobs after the cabinets were cleaned there was a lot of glass so it went quickly. After every thing was done we purchased new bedding and towels for each room. Thanks to TJMAXX. Really does look nice. Well worth the money. We really did not spend that much, did a lot ourselves, hired professional and non professional help which kept us sane. Now that is over the appraisal. A B&B/Inn a few blocks away is for sale for $888,000 but our appraised at $1,100,000…we know the times are tough but we will just wait and see. Now I need to advertise on the Internet. is good site and the listing is for one year and very affordable.

Check back for Part 2 where will go a little deeper into the marketing end of selling your B&B

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to fill out our comment box!

6 thoughts on “Selling Your Bed and Breakfast (Part 1)

  1. Good afternoon,

    I am interested in advertising a bed and breakfast for sale. What are you packages and any details that come with each?

    Thanks and Have a Great Day

    Lauren Carroll

  2. I have a property in the Sierra Foothills that I feel would be a perfect B&B. I would like to advertise it for sale in your site/publication. Can you please send me particulars.

  3. Thank you for your interest you can add your listing at or call 1.888.707.4626 for more information

  4. We have a 6 bedroomed 1830,s former public house, that was converted too a bed and breakfast by the previous owner. We have owned it for four years and are now looking to sell. Please can you get back to me with some details on how to go about selling.