Just a Little Green

I was going to write some short comments on “going green” and how important even just a little green means and how serious it is. The trend can mean tax credits while helping the planet. If your contribution is not substantial enough to warrant those credits, start with shopping. Just how organic are your meals. Remember toxins are stored in the meats, fruits and vegetables that are exposed to pesticides. Not so great for your health. Going “green” can be anything from the bags you bring home your purchases, to clothing you wear, bedding you sleep on, furniture you buy to just changing your life habits. Get out there read more about how we can make a better life for our children and our children’s children and for ourselves.
That Bed and Breakfast Inn you are so proud of can show your guests that you really care. They will go home and say “We can do that and more” Next time we meet I hope you have taken another step to “green”.