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It is incredibly important to have your website redesigned/updated on a regular basis so your site will not become outdated but there are many other reasons. SEO (search engine optimization) is a constant and you have to stay current or you will lose your position against your competitors in this market. New content should be a primary focus on your redesign. Stale content is not good for anyone.

Make your new web site unique and consider adding a blog that feeds to RSS and social network sharing buttons on all pages. Landing pages with important keyword phrases are another must. Make sure that your new web site has a call to action so visitors don’t have to hunt down a way to give you their busines.

Make your web site about what your clients or guests will want, not about you. Write about who will be using your services, what makes you unique and how this can benefit your guests or customers. Do not copy your competitors website as this can hurt your position in the search engines.

Knowing that your web site looks great is not the answer; it is all in how it works and how you communicate your information to guests and customers. Not redesigning your website for many years and having duplicate content is worthless. The search engines now work harder than ever to filter out what is irrelevant, stolen or black hat marketing tactics and will ultimately ignore or blacklist your website.

SEO has changed a lot recently. Giving your guests a reason to move through your website will decrease your bounce rate and keep them going deeper into your website. Have your web master check for broken images. A professional web site is what you should be going for and your web master can provide that for you. Keep your blog up to date. Submit a new idea once a week or at least twice a month. Make your content interesting and improve navigation. Your designer will ask for a lot of content so please try to provide as much as you can. The designer will know when to use information pages. Please understand a professional designer knows how to enhance photos and organize your information.

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