Being an innkeeper and being a guest

Bed and Breakfast Inns have come a long way in that they are not only offering great amenities and beautiful decor but in the way guests are treated. An Innkeeper treats their guest with great privacy and you will not have to interact with other guests if you do not want to. Respecting your guests wishes is of up most importance. Innkeepers often leave a key for guests to enter if they have had an evening out.

Breakfasts can be served at a long dining room table or a small one in which other guests are being served. Should you not want to interact just let your innkeeper know and other arrangements can be made. Should you have special dietary needs be sure to tell your Innkeeper when making your reservation so he or she can accomodate you.

An Innkeeper who has more than 10 rooms cannot be at the front desk 24/7 as there is a lot to do such as shopping for tomorrows breakfast, checking the rooms after the maid has been there to clean and keeping up with day to day operations. As a guest, try to arrive on time or at least call and make sure your Innkeeper knows how late you will be. As a business traveler you will have all the amenities a hotel will have but in a better atmosphere. Many B&B/Inns cater to the business traveler.

B&B/Inns who host weddings usually have a wedding coordinators on staff.

Chef owned Bed and Breakfast Inns cater all kind of events. Weddings, family reunions, receptions, business meetings and more. Call a B&B/Inn near you today and ask.

If you are considering purchasing a Bed and Breakfast Inn please remember you will be dealing with all kinds of people. You will have to use your best judgement in all situations. We all want to have guests who do not complain or criticize but sometimes it comes with the business you have chosen. Always be thankful for the guests that are sweet and generous with their compliments.

Top 10 Tips for Innkeepers/Owners Selling Your Bed and Breakfast Inn

Only being 30 days into 2013, we’ve already seen a lot of bed and breakfast inns change ownership and go up for sale. With all of this ownership change, we have seen what helps a B&B to sell right away and what causes them to stay on the market for a while. We want to pass these tips along to you to help you get your B&B sold so you can move on to the next stage in your life.

  1. A fresh coat of paint is a must. Bright bold colors are not as attractive to the buyer who are looking to purchase your property as natural colored walls.
  2. Make sure the bathrooms are not just clean but immaculate and freshly painted. If mold is an issue, spray the surfaces with one part water and one part bleach and the mold will be gone. Shower doors must be clean and can be scrubbed with one part muriatic acid and 10 parts of water. They will be sparkling clean now. If the vanity is old, replace it with a new, updated sink. New towels and accessories are a must.
  3. Pack away any photos or personal items. This is important because the buyer wants to imagine themselves in your bed and breakfast inn with their own ideas for decorations. It will also make your B&B/inn look larger.  There is nothing more that will deter a potential buyer than a cluttered property. You may even consider renting new furniture to make your B&B/inn look better.
  4. If you have squeaky doors, make sure they are oiled. If the front door squeaks when your potential buyer comes up, that may be the only thing they remember from their visit. You want everything to be perfect.
  5. Shampoo your carpet, buff your hardwood and treat your tile grout. Flooring will be one of the first things your potential buyer looks at when they walk in the front door. After all, they have to look where they’re stepping when they walk in. Black grout joints that obviously should be white will tell your buyer that cleanliness is not number one on your priorities list. You want your floor to sparkle or in the case of carpet, look like its brand new with a few shampoos from a rented carpet cleaner or by a professional carpet cleaning crew.
  6. Make sure that your furniture and bedding matches and has that “new look”. Make sure the master bedroom is designed for both sexes and the bedding and decorations reflect its gender neutrality. New bedding and sheets can really perk up the look of a bedroom. This goes the same for your living/family room. If needed, buy covers for your sofas.
  7. Make sure there is plenty of light turned on when your potential buyer visits and make sure everything is spotless. This lets the potential buyers know you have kept your B&B/inn in a condition that they will want to purchase it as-is. If you need to replace old light fixtures, you can find them at any hardware store.
  8. What about the outside look of your B&B/Inn? Cleaning your windows, pressure washing the outside walls and walkways, replacing plants that are not thriving, fixing loose brick or stones, trimming trees and adding new potted plants can make a world of difference when your potential buyer drives up and walks to your front door. Don’t send them running for the hills with an unkept lawn and dead shrubs.
  9. Make sure you or your realtor advertises in as many online bed and breakfast inn directory websites as possible. The exposure you get from listing your property on sites like can be the difference in whether or not you sell your property. From our experience, the potential buyer may have seen your property on one site and then found you again on another site. Having your B&B on multiple resources can help keep your property on the front of a buyers mind. And be sure that these websites have professional looking photos on them. No matter how beautiful your bedrooms might be, a scan of a polaroid picture with a timestamp from 1999 on it does not show professionalism and can be enough to have your inn passed right over by a potential buyer.
  10. So in short, remember: sparkling clean, new paint, definitely no clutter and if need be, call a professional staging company to help you.

For more tips or with help on selling your bed and breakfast inn, visit our B&B/inn sales directory at

We wish you much success with the sale of your property.

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Country Cabin Manor in Alfred Station, New York For Sale

Country Cabin Manor Alfred Station New York is a great opportunity. A log home set in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. 4,000 square feet of guestrooms with vaulted ceilings and skylights, private baths with whirlpool tubs, fireplaces, dining room and maintenance free deck. Turn key with furnishing included. B&B has been in business for 10 years. Located near golf courses, antique shops, and only an hour from Corning Glass Museum and Finger Lakes wineries. Two local collages close by and this is the only Bed and Breakfast in the immediate area. Affordable priced and negotiable.

Open Casting Call For Season 2 of Hotel Hell

FOX and Gordon Ramsay are looking for independently owned Hotels/Resorts/Inns/Lodges nationwide for the next season of Hotel Hell!

After over a decade of running restaurants in some of the top hotels around the world, traveling the globe and running an award-winning boutique hotel in London, Ramsay knows firsthand the crucial importance of surpassing guests’ highest expectations. In the series, Ramsay and a team of hospitality experts will travel across the country to help turn around struggling hotels, resorts and inns!

Season two of FOX’s “Hotel Hell” is now casting. “Hotel Hell” is the fourth series featuring Ramsay to air on FOX, following “Hell’s Kitchen,” “Kitchen Nightmares” and “Masterchef.” Season one performed solidly through its first four episodes, averaging 5.3 million viewers.

If you are an owner who would like to apply for HOTEL HELL, please log onto and complete the application. Call (310) 313-9100 or email for more information

Please make sure you include your name and contact info (including a phone number), name and location of your property, website (if you have one) and most importantly…WHY you deserve Gordon’s help!

To nominate a hotel: Call (310) 313-9100 or email Please make sure you include your name and contact info (including a phone number), name and location of the property, website (if you have one) and most importantly…WHY they need Gordon’s help!

Choosing a Bed and Breakfast Inn over a Motel/Hotel

Lodging accommodations are sometimes hard to choose. A good experience at either a Bed and Breakfast Inn or Motel/Hotel may help you make your decision upon whether or not to return. We do, however, want you to try a Bed and Breakfast Inn on your travels or a romantic getaway, even wedding, reunion or any special occasion.

Most B&B Inns offer elegant, beautifully decorated rooms with comfortable beds and wonderful views. Morning breakfasts are prepared by your innkeeper or it may even be a personal chef and owner of the Inn which is spectacular. The preparation that goes into these elegant full breakfasts makes you feel really special and the cost is included in the room so there are no hidden prices. In some Bed and Breakfast Inns you may even have coffee and your breakfast delivered right to your room.

In the evening your Innkeeper may offer a snack, coffee, tea or wine before going out for dinner. A great number of B&B/Inns offer dinner created by a chef right there at the B&B/Inn. There may be a charge but well worth the cost. A sherry may even be served before turning in.

Your host will be happy to provide concierge service. They know where there are theaters, museums, antiquing, winter and summer sports, golfing, fishing and so many other activities in the area to make your visit interesting and fun. They also know the best fine dining restaurants should they not serve dinner at the B&B/Inn and you will want to know this information.

Should you be visiting for business be sure to ask if they have special prices for long term stay or mid-week discounts. Also if you have a special friend or relative you need the perfect gift for and know they would like to visit the B&B/Inn, most offer gift certificates for that special someone.

These elegant B&B/Inns want you to return or tell friends that they have done their best to make you comfortable so please write a lovely review about them and tell your friends. Many B&B’s are relying on your word of mouth to get them their next guest.

We did not mention hotels because of their cost factor and hidden fees, we really wanted to focus on how enjoyable it is to stay in a Bed and Breakfast Inn and how much you will enjoy your time there (you will want to return again and again). Innkeepers do give you much time to yourself with a TV to rest and relax. The pools, Jacuzzi’s, gardens and places for a long stroll or walk into town will be memorable. All this for a very modest cost. Always be sure to check with the innkeeper first to see if children are allowed, if the inn is handicap accessible or if you can bring your pet. We hope you will choose a Bed and Breakfast Inn for your next business or romantic getaway.

DNS Services Managed DNS Backup Business Service Is A Scam

Fake, scam, trickery, thievery; all of these words describe what the company DNS Services is doing to web hosting clients. It has been brought to our attention by one of our own clients that this company is attempting to trick web hosting clients into paying for a service that they do not have, need or would ever want. Again, the company to look out for is DNS Services ( and they are sending out invoice letters based on the information retrieved from public DNS records to attempt to solicit people into spending their hard-earned money on nonsense. Below is a copy of this letter (click to see a larger version):

As you can see, I have removed the information from our client that received this letter to protect his personal information but all other pertinent info related to the “bill” is still intact. Of importance, if you look at the bottom of the image, you can see I enlarged a portion to show that they themselves are even noting that “DNS Services Inc. is not affiliated with your current name server provider”. This should be a red flag for any hosted website; if you receive an “invoice” like this from DNS Services or any other company attempting to follow in its footsteps, DO NOT PAY IT and call your hosting provider. If you own any websites, make your DNS record private so that your information cannot be retrieved from the public DNS records using a WHOIS lookup. We have the ability to keep our info safe and stop this from happening in the future and I feel all web hosting providers have a responsibility to do so.

Should you receive one of these letters, report it to your hosting company right away and DO NOT PAY IT. They will tell you the best course of action in reporting it. If you have sent them money, STOP PAYMENT ON THE CHECK! They are noted on other reputable websites as not answering their phones or responding to any sort of correspondence with their company whether by phone, e-mail or snail mail.

UPDATE (1/9/2013): We informed OpenSRS of this issue and they created a blog post as well which can be viewed at Everyone who owns a website should be aware of this.

Happy New Year 2013

We want you to bring in the New Year 2013 with Great Karma. Doing something nice for someone you know or do not know but do not tell them is all part of Great Karma. Thank everyone each day for their help. Let someone ahead of you at the market and don’t fuss about it, donate your time at a charity or give some of your really nice clothes to a less fortunate person (their size), stop by a homeless shelter bring some blankets or clothing, have and extra car your not using, give it to someone to get to work or college believe me I know how much this is appreciated and your not using it anyway. I gave one of mine in good condition and with air conditioning. A year or so later I met the young man who got. He was brought up in a orphanage and he was going to ministry school. I had no idea who would receive the car but I was really happy that he was the one and I did not tell him it was mine. Someone treat you really nice at the department or grocery store. Take a minute and write a special note to the manager and post it in the mail. A note and a quick thank you means a lot to those who have taken the time to be kind to you.
Don’t quibble over the 20% tip at the restaurant believe me my motto is everyone should work as a waiter or waitress at least once in their life to understand how nice or how rude people lives can affect us. Make it a practice to say something nice to someone each day. That compliment could make a change in their lives for the better just by your smile and comment. Seize the moment you will know when you have given the gift of Great Karma. Make the year 20013 the best experience of your life no matter what happens. The power of giving material gifts or just a smile may mean more that you will ever know. Happy 2013 & Great Karma