Using an IRA for an Investment Property

Article by Rick Newman of Commercial Capital Network

Very few investors/entrepreneurs realize that they have the ability to self-direct their IRAs and 401k plans into real estate and other assets.   Most believe that there are only two options available to them if they want or need to access capital from their plan/s, namely, either borrowing from the account or withdrawing some portion of the assets.  Borrowing involves repaying the principal and interest and a withdrawal may be subject to a pre-distribution tax and penalties.  There is another way…

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10 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes

Looking for some fun and easy recipe ideas for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Here is a list of ten of our favorite bed and breakfast recipes from around the country.  Try some new ideas like Stuffed Mushrooms, Quiche, or a Pumpkin Pie with a twist. If you cramped for time many of the recipes can be made in less then an hour with common household ingredients. Try a  couple of these are sure to be a hit for your Thanksgiving Day dinner.
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Cool Thanksgiving Day Alternative

Not going home for Thanksgiving and looking for a little excitement over a long weekend. New York, The City that never sleeps, can offer you what ever you want for a fun and different turkey day experience.

Our # 1 Pick for your Thanksgiving Day Weekend Vacation November 24 thru the 26 is New York City starting with the Macy’s Parade and over 2.5 million people who line two and half miles of Manhattan since 1924 to watch the floats, school bands, pretty girls, balloons, celebrities, clowns and the spectacular balloons and “balloonicles” and so much more celebrate Thanksgiving day. It takes more than 4000 people to make this happen for the world to see.

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10 Easy ways for a Green Bed and Breakfast

Going Green

Bed and Breakfast Network wants to help in some small way to make our planet green and save you some money too. We have all watched Ed Begley, Jr. and admired his passion for the environment and saving money for all of us. There are so many simple things we can do just to get started making this a better world.  As we find out what great things we are doing no matter how small we want to do more and more. It is such a satisfying feeling to know the little bit we contribute really does help not just ourselves but our children, grandchildren and many more generations to come. Having a short conversation with someone without preaching but giving them knowledge may have an affect that we may never know about. would love to hear your “Green” stories ” just e-mail we will try to publish as many as we can.
Thank you the Aardvark Team
Thank’s Ed your doing a great job.

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10 Great US Haunted Cities


top haunted  citiesShould you be traveling and need the thrill and chill of visiting haunted houses may we recommend some to tickle your imagination or maybe scare the living daylights out of  We have included in our new blog Salem, MA, St. Augustine FL, Key West FL, New Orleans, LA, Chicago IL, Gettysburg, Pa, Charleston, SC, Alton, IL, Savannah, GA, Galveston, TX. Knowing that you will want to do some of your own research we just wanted to reintroduce you to several of the top Haunted Ghostly Cities that you may want to visit in person or here on the Internet.

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5 Fun Halloween Recipes

Halloween Recipes

Spooky Halloween, tricks and treats is not only for children but adults too. Going from home to home is fun for the little ones but the Halloween party is the biggest adult treat. Dinner party or buffet style the food is always fun, spooky and delicious that is unless your being tricked. Let’s hope not!

The weather is usually a little cool so there are those great warm up drinks to start the party with liqueur or even flecks of edible gold. Being dressed up as this years favorite super hero or centuries old character and play acting the part is just plain fun. The food just sparks the evenings entertainment as well as games and of course the prizes.

The standard dishes or finger foods even eaten from year to year still make you giggle. Hard boiled eggs with black olives for pupils still are a hit. The trick though is to be stress free. Everyone invited wants to show off their costumes and almost everyone wants to bring their own special dish…and believe me that helps make the evening stress free. The few prizes can be gift certificates to a movie, to the nearest discount store, or even MickieD’s. Just have fun. Happy Halloween.

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