Spring Flowers and Plants

Are your perennial plants waking up this spring. Are they showing off their beautiful colors and leaves. I know they died last fall but they should be showing off their spring visual pleasures now. Asters in double blue, Bleeding Hearts, Bishop Weed, Bell Flower White, Arctic Queen, Daylily, Foxglove are so beautiful and come in many different sizes and looks. Rose bushes one of the most popular plant come in many sizes, colors and are a hardy winter plant. The colors are just awesome. Fruit trees as well flower are beautiful. Apples, Cherries, beautiful large Fig Tree leaves keep you in suspense… when are they going to produce their wonderful fruit. Evergreens withstand the cold weather and look amazing during the spring and summer.

Annual plants such as Petunias, Marigolds,  baby blue eyes, bachelor’s buttons, there are so many to choose from that will make your garden absolutely fabulous. They will not only pleasing to you but your guests, friends and anyone who visits your home or Bed and Breakfast Inn will be saying how beautifully you have presented your property. If you have not started yet to make your garden fantastic get to it. Make a list of all the things you need, colors you want to put together, and plant. You will be so happy that you did this. Send us a photo of your garden and we will publish it.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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