5 Great Fall Travel Destinations

Looking for some fun and exciting places to visit this fall? We have picked 5 fun cities to take your next vacation getaway. No matter what you are looking for, one of these places will offer you great food, entrainment, or just a relaxing time watching the foliage change.  So take a moment and read what we think is a great place to visit and as always feel free to let us know what your favorite town is to stay at when you are on vacation.
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6 Fun Cities to Visit this Summer

Cape Cod/ Martha’s Vineyard

Summer vacation on Cape Cod is exciting, fun and relaxing. Historic Plymouth is where the Mayflower !! is located. The clam chowder here is the best ever. Take the ferry from Harwich, Falmouth, or Hyannis to Martha’s Vineyard. Martha’s Vineyard has five lighthouses on the island beacons, of in navigation.
Golf as it most cities is very popular on the Cape. Outlets too are exciting for those who love designer clothing. art galleries, motorcycles, arts and crafts and so much more. Don’t forget the lobster suppers. Fresh and fantastic. We highly recommend the “Cape” as a vacation destination for 2009.

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5 Romantic US Beaches

The few beaches we have covered here are all worth visiting. The summer is such a short season but one that everyone looks forward to. Summer romance, summer vacations and next summer all have a beach somewhere in them. We love the soft silky sand and the sand that is not so soft with tiny little shells, beautiful sunshine and the smell of sun tan lotion. Find your special beach this summer don’t wait until next summer and make your life time memories.

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