6 Super Bowl Recipes

The 2011 Super Bowl is fast approaching and so is your super, Super Bowl party with the mass assortment of appetizers, drinks, bbq, and desserts it can be daunting on what to choose. Well let us help out with some quick and great tasting food items that everyone can enjoy!

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6 Valentine’s Recipes Ideas

So you have decided to stay home and have a romantic dinner for Valentine’s  Day but you are not sure what to make? Maybe you need some drink or dessert ideas. Well your friends at Bed and Breakfast Network are here to help. We have added a few of our favorite recipes for you to try. Don’t forget to comment and let us know what your like to have for Valentine’s Day Dinner!

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Thanksgiving Breakfast Recipes

With all the great dishes that will be served at that Thanksgiving we thought we would take a few moments to remind every one that you should still eat a delicious healthy breakfast every day, including the holidays. Find some great tasting breakfast recipes like crepes or quick hard boiled eggs. Later on this week we will have great tasting ideas for vegetarians breakfast. If any of our vegetarian or vegan readers out there have a special recipes they want to share please let us know we love to hear from you!

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Perfect Thanksgiving Salads

Thanksgiving 2010 will soon be here and with all the rich sides and delicious turkey that will be around the table for the whole family to enjoy it might be a good idea to mix in some vegetables . This year we thought it would be a great idea to give some love to the lonely salad. In many families the salad can get a forgotten treasure. So here a couple of recipes to get you started. Don’t forget to leave us your questions or comments. Also let us know your favorite Thanksgiving Recipe and we will post them with full credit to you of course.

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Vegetarian Halloween Recipes

Ghost Rice Krispie Treat

Make a pan of Rice Krispie Treats just like it say on the box

form into ghosts use small chocolate candy kisses for the eyes and mouth and just a little white frosting to cover the ghost.

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4 Halloween Punch Recipes

Hot Green Goblin Blood Punch


  • 3 cups (720 ml) white grape juice, apple juice, or apple cider, divided
  • 2 fresh kiwis, peeled
  • 2 teaspoons chopped, peeled fresh ginger
  • 3 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon organic sugar or to taste
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice or to taste
  • 6 allspice berries
  • 1 cinnamon stick

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Halloween Drink Recipes

Looking to spice up your next Halloween party with some tasty and delicious drinks?  Tired of the same old beverages with no thrill or appeal?  How about a Halloween themed Martini or a super scary punch of Sangria? We have chosen 5 spooky drink recipes that are guarantee to be a huge hit at your next party.

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