Summer Grilling Delights

Spring is almost over and summer is just around the corner. Summer vegetables are the best. To name a few: new potatoes, green beans, beets, collard greens, fiddle heads (my favorite) beets, cucumbers, eggplant, Vidalia onions, peppers (green, yellow and red), squash, tomatoes, lettuce, these are just a few healthy vegetables to start your summer feast. Watermelon for dessert is the best. Put on your grilling hat and grilled hamburger, hot dogs, fresh caught fish and your meal is complete, filling, healthy and delicious.

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Vegetarian Thanksgiving Turkey Alternative Recipe (Tofurkey)

tofurkeyLooking for a great recipes for a vegetarian turkey alternative? Well we have one for you. This Tofu base Turkey or “Tofurkey” is a perfect dish for the vegetarian attending your Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t for get to check out our other Thanksgiving Recipes as well.

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5 delicious Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

5-thanksgiving-desserts_01Thanksgiving is one of the best times of the year meeting with family, watching football, and all the gorging yourself on all the wonderful food. Thanksgiving is a time of indulgences basically eating amounts of food that you would otherwise never think of doing and other then feeling a little tired afterword everyone is ok with it. Last year we posted to articles 5 Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes and 10 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes now this year we are taking a look at the sweeter side of  Turkey Day.
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5 Great Halloween Breakfasts Recipes

Looking for some fun for ‘Halloween Breakfast’. We have some great recipes for you this year.
We know you will work your magic to start this wild and crazy day and we have tried to keep our recipes healthy.
There will be so much fabulous food to eat today and as we gather our collection of Holiday foods each year we hope you will return to our recipe section each Holiday for new and interesting recipes. Wishing you a really fun filled day. Keep safe and laugh a lot.

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Top 5 Best Football Tailgating Cities

tailgate_01As the NFL Football season starts today I thought it would be appropriate to look at some of the better tailgate party towns the NFL has to offer. As many football fans know, tailgating is as much apart of the game as Touchdown celebrations, bad calls, or watching your favorite team in the stands with no shirt on in sub zero temperatures. Remember you don’t have to live in the city to enjoy these parking lot BBQ’s,  each on of the fallow towns has great inns for you to stay at.

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