Things To do on Thanksgiving

Looking for some family games? Just need to past the time during Thanksgiving? Maybe you just want to keep the kids occupied while you watch the turkey day football. No matter what your motive here are a couple of  fun ideas that are sure to pass the time.

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Thanksgiving Breakfast Recipes

With all the great dishes that will be served at that Thanksgiving we thought we would take a few moments to remind every one that you should still eat a delicious healthy breakfast every day, including the holidays. Find some great tasting breakfast recipes like crepes or quick hard boiled eggs. Later on this week we will have great tasting ideas for vegetarians breakfast. If any of our vegetarian or vegan readers out there have a special recipes they want to share please let us know we love to hear from you!

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10 Thanksgiving Decorations Ideas

So you are looking for some inspiration for this Thanksgiving Holiday to decorate your home, office, or dinner table. We have looked all over the web and found some fun a beautiful ideas to help you spark the creative process to make your home look festive and interesting. No matter if you need to find some for the outside or interior we will have some basic ideas for you. Don’t forget to let you know about your Thanksgiving Decor post your links in our comments section to show off your design skills.

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Vegetarian Halloween Recipes

Ghost Rice Krispie Treat

Make a pan of Rice Krispie Treats just like it say on the box

form into ghosts use small chocolate candy kisses for the eyes and mouth and just a little white frosting to cover the ghost.

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5 Great Fall Travel Destinations

Looking for some fun and exciting places to visit this fall? We have picked 5 fun cities to take your next vacation getaway. No matter what you are looking for, one of these places will offer you great food, entrainment, or just a relaxing time watching the foliage change.  So take a moment and read what we think is a great place to visit and as always feel free to let us know what your favorite town is to stay at when you are on vacation.
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Carving the Perfect Halloween Pumpkin

pumpkin-carving_01Did you know that many centuries ago jack-o’ lanterns were used to scare away evil ghosts and spirits? These days we use jack-o’ lanterns for our amusement during the holidays and it’s not likely that one could even scare a child, let alone a wicked ghoul. Although the purpose of jack-o’ lanterns has changed immensely over time, the technique of pumpkin carving has remained the same. This article is all about how to carve a pumpkin.
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