5 Great Tailgating Recipes

5-tailgating-recipes_01Looking for some great recipe ideas for your next tailgate or back yard BBQ well we have a few ideas that will get you started and it wont break the bank.  No matter what your taste, we will have something for you to enjoy before the game.  Even if you are a vegetarian.

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Top 5 Best Football Tailgating Cities

tailgate_01As the NFL Football season starts today I thought it would be appropriate to look at some of the better tailgate party towns the NFL has to offer. As many football fans know, tailgating is as much apart of the game as Touchdown celebrations, bad calls, or watching your favorite team in the stands with no shirt on in sub zero temperatures. Remember you don’t have to live in the city to enjoy these parking lot BBQ’s,  each on of the fallow towns has great inns for you to stay at.

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