Vegetarian Halloween Recipes

Ghost Rice Krispie Treat

Make a pan of Rice Krispie Treats just like it say on the box

form into ghosts use small chocolate candy kisses for the eyes and mouth and just a little white frosting to cover the ghost.

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Movie Themed Halloween Costumes for 2010 (Pics)

As Halloween soon approaches so do the annual social events. For some of us coming up with the right costume may be easy, but for others the process can be quite stressful. To come up with the right fashion statement that fits their attitude. One of the more popular ideas for 2010 Halloween is a movie themed character. Something like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” or “the Dude”. Using a character for a film, comic, or play can be a great way to break the ice  to new people at a party. Don’t worry about having a big budget for this years Halloween party. Many of these customs can be made at home with supplies, bought online,, or at a local retailer for little money.
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5 Great Halloween Breakfasts Recipes

Looking for some fun for ‘Halloween Breakfast’. We have some great recipes for you this year.
We know you will work your magic to start this wild and crazy day and we have tried to keep our recipes healthy.
There will be so much fabulous food to eat today and as we gather our collection of Holiday foods each year we hope you will return to our recipe section each Holiday for new and interesting recipes. Wishing you a really fun filled day. Keep safe and laugh a lot.

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Ghost House in Louisiana

ghost-houseI just happened to be checking the Crochet House in Houma, Louisiana and I found a link on their web site to the International Ghost Hunters Society and Travels with Dave & Sharon. The ghost site offers ghost photo’s, a link to the International Ghosts Hunters Society and Pennsylvania’s Gettysburg Battlefield, Paranormal Related Links as well as many others. Check this out. We hope you will stay at the Crochet House. Leland and Sally are the best and their beds are the most comfortable I have ever slept on and the gourmet breakfast was wonderful.

13 Great Pumpkin Carving Inspirations

pumpkin-inspirations_14So you need some ideas to help you come up with the perfect jack-o’ lantern for this Halloween. Well we have 13 pumpkins to help inspire you to make a classic, funny, scary, or down right unusual carved pumpkin for this Halloween. Hope you all enjoy.

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