Movie Themed Halloween Costumes for 2010 (Pics)

As Halloween soon approaches so do the annual social events. For some of us coming up with the right costume may be easy, but for others the process can be quite stressful. To come up with the right fashion statement that fits their attitude. One of the more popular ideas for 2010 Halloween is a movie themed character. Something like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business” or “the Dude”. Using a character for a film, comic, or play can be a great way to break the ice  to new people at a party. Don’t worry about having a big budget for this years Halloween party. Many of these customs can be made at home with supplies, bought online,, or at a local retailer for little money.
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Spring Flowers and Plants

Are your perennial plants waking up this spring. Are they showing off their beautiful colors and leaves. I know they died last fall but they should be showing off their spring visual pleasures now. Asters in double blue, Bleeding Hearts, Bishop Weed, Bell Flower White, Arctic Queen, Daylily, Foxglove are so beautiful and come in many different sizes and looks. Rose bushes one of the most popular plant come in many sizes, colors and are a hardy winter plant. The colors are just awesome. Fruit trees as well flower are beautiful. Apples, Cherries, beautiful large Fig Tree leaves keep you in suspense… when are they going to produce their wonderful fruit. Evergreens withstand the cold weather and look amazing during the spring and summer.

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Purchasing a Bed and Breakfast, Some Things to Consider

Is your home suitable for a B&B/Inn. Is it paid for? Do you have enough money put away for all the essentials needed for this commercial endeavor. There will be numerous upgrades I am sure from painting your house inside and out, plumbing upgrades, flowers and other shrubbery to make the grounds look inviting. A commercial sign that has a logo and the name of you B&B/Inn as well as a entrance sign.

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Spring 2010 is Here

Spring is finally here a season of rebirth. The beginning of longer and warmer days because the sun is tilting more towards the sun encouraging plants and flowers to grow. More rain and weather that can be unstable is different areas of the world. Even animals being born in spring is significant. The whole world loves spring and they celebrate the season which starts on March 21st as a special occasion . May Day (May 1st) is another spring day which is celebrated in many countries. This day is half way between spring and summer. It has a great history. Those who love to garden look forward to their plants and flowers blossom.

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25 inspirational Christmas Trees


Christmas is soon approaching and that means spending time with the family and putting up your Christmas Tree. Like many of us you may already  have that traditional tree with a special ornaments that have been passed down over the years. Now how about if this is your first family tree or you are just in the mood for something new. Well we have 25 inspirational Christmas Trees that is sure to help you find some great ideas for this years tree, no matter if it is real, fake, or just down right bazaar.

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Randy Quaid Wanted by Police for Defrauding an Innkeeper

randyquaidAllegedly Comedian Randy Quaid and his wife are wanted for Burglary and theft of a Bed and Breakfast Inn located in Santa Barbara, California  estimated damage are near $20,000. More to come as news trickles in

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