Redesign Your Bed and Breakfast Web Site

Redesigning your Domain is important. Better is better and every year or so you learn new and different ways to make your site not only look better, navigate easier, give your visitors a friendly and appealing new look. Obviously you want it to not only have a professional appearance but to be search engine friendly. A professional web designer who knows seo is your best bet and will improve and move your web site to a higher position in the search engines. Obviously Google is in the strong ranking as well as Yahoo and MSN.

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25 inspirational Christmas Trees


Christmas is soon approaching and that means spending time with the family and putting up your Christmas Tree. Like many of us you may already  have that traditional tree with a special ornaments that have been passed down over the years. Now how about if this is your first family tree or you are just in the mood for something new. Well we have 25 inspirational Christmas Trees that is sure to help you find some great ideas for this years tree, no matter if it is real, fake, or just down right bazaar.

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5 Great Cities to Photograph

One of the biggest part of traveling is photography and a few months ago I wrote a post on 5 Tips for Better Vacation Photographs.  Now everyone can find great places to shoot in major tourist towns like New York City or Chicago but what about some of the attractions outside the city. We will take a look at a few beautiful sites that are guaranteed to inspire you to take pictures all day and make your family and friends want to see your vacation photographs.
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5 Tips for Better Vacation Photographs

During my time in college I made money as a freelance photographer. Doing everything from architecture to zoo animal photography. I may have not been Ansel Adams but I did pick up a few tips on how to make your pictures look more like a professional and you don’t even need a $1000 DSLR camera. These tips will work just as well with basic point and shoot, digital, or film camera. With a little practice and an eye for detail you can make your next time the envy of your friends and family.

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