10 Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we thought this would be a good time to take a look at some of the more romantic restaurants from around the country. We have picked some popular and exciting travel destinations like Los Angles, Las Vegas, and the always exciting New York City. No matter if you taste is seafood, classic french cuisine, a juicy steak, or even Vegetarian we have come up with a restaurant to satisfy any taste. Don’t forget to let us know what your local favorite restaurant, we just might to a special on them!
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6 Fun Skiing Destinations

As Fall turns into Winter and the days become colder one of the best parts of the winter season will soon be here. Every year nearly 60 million people grab their skis or snowboard and hit the slops and ski lodges for fun, socializing and just good old fashion relaxation. The US has some great ski resorts on both the East and West coast. From famous slopes of Aspen to the historic mountains on Vermont you are sure to find a great skiing destination.

New York

Visit New York Catskills for the best skiing ever. With over 50 ski areas in the state of New York you will be in heaven. The peaks of the Adirondacks are so inviting. The internet provides statistics for downhill terrain and ski ratings. This beautiful state has attracted the attention of past generations of artists and authors as well as famous skiers or snowboarders. Windham Mountain just North of the Catskills and about 118 miles from NYC and has the highest vertical drops in the Catskills for the expert skier.

The place to go on the east coast for a great winter experience.


Taos, New Mexico

Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico is one of the top 10 places to ski from the last week in November till April. The sunshine and the snow will bring a smile to your face while skiing. There are over 100 trails. Skiing usually begins at 9 am and stops at 4 pm. It is easy to find the conditions on the internet as well as lodging. Escape to a lovely cozy, comfortable elegant bed and breakfast inn. Taos is full of history and different cultures. Make Taos, New Mexico your next skiing destination.



California has some great skiing in Northern, Central, Lake Tahoe and Southern California where you can Downhill Ski or Cross Country Ski. Gold Mountain, Cascade World, Mt. Shasta and Cedar Pass are all popular. Lodges in Kirkwood, Squaw Valley, Tahoe City, Bear Valley, Pine Crest, Big Bear Lake to mention a few have Specials and Packages to meet your needs. November through April are career employment opportunities months. There are sport schools and snowboarding instructors. If applying for a job please be aware of the staff grooming expectations. Professionalism is expressed in California.

Keep up with the ski new and events in California and you will have a really great skiing vacation.


Utah with it’s amazing snow it the best you can get. Even though there are truly some incredible skiing and snowboarding areas right here in the good ole USA Utah is one of the more popular.

Utah boast some of the most challenging slopes in the world. Most within an hour of Salt Lake City. Here is some trivia the headquarters for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association is in Park City, Utah. Bet does not shock you. You can find a resort close the your ski destination to meet all your needs. Have fun and be safe. Remember there are some really challenging slopes in Utah. Have fun.

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Celebrity Owned Bed and Breakfasts

Having a little trouble deciding on where to spend your next vacation? Would you like to stay somewhere with a little extra personalty?¬† How about a Bed and Breakfast owned by a celebrity? That’s right some of our favorites stars are in the hospitality business. Bringing¬† their talents and sense of style to folks like us all around the country. Let’s take a look at some of these celebrity lodges.

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5 Great Spring Break Vacation Ideas

Did you know Spring Break dates back to the 1930’s when colleges came to warm Ft. Lauderdale in South Florida for swim training. Then came the beach parties, drinking, dancing and wilder and wilder parties. Spring Break was then extended to other cities and countries and is celebrated every spring in some exotic location that is fun for college students and others regardless of age who like to have fun.

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Last Minute Valentines Getaways

Las Vegas

last-minute-valentines_01Are you a last minute guy or girl planning a special weekend for Valentine’s Day. A couple of day’s in Las Vegas just the two of you at Michele’s French Country Cottage or Rodgers House where you will feel like family and romance in the air. Both Bed and Breakfast Inns are cozy and comfortable and minutes from the strip in Las Vegas.

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Blue Ridge Mountains Vacation

Silver Thatch Inn in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains

silverthatchA weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains is a healthy experience and the Silver Thatch Inn in Charlottesville, Virginia is perfect. Not only does it have luxury and beautifully decorated rooms but an intimate candlelit dining room. You will look forward to breads, muffins, cookies, and delicious homemade desserts, grilled meat and fish and eclectic sauces.  Check their amenities page and find even extra special complimentary comforts to make your stay even more pleasurable. Fun is just minutes away in historic Albemarle County. Gift Certificates are available and gifts for family and friends are in the gift shop.
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Visit Beautiful New Mexico and choose Tavares Inn, Alamogordo

Do you live in New Mexico or planning a special visit. Tavares Inn in the famous Alamogordo, New Mexico a very Historical area minutes from the Sacramento Mountains is the perfect Bed and Breakfast Inn. Beautiful Rooms and delicious breakfast. Check their gallery page. I am sure you will agree that this seven thousand square foot Bed and Breakfast Inn is Beautiful.

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