Redesign Your Bed and Breakfast Web Site

Redesigning your Domain is important. Better is better and every year or so you learn new and different ways to make your site not only look better, navigate easier, give your visitors a friendly and appealing new look. Obviously you want it to not only have a professional appearance but to be search engine friendly. A professional web designer who knows seo is your best bet and will improve and move your web site to a higher position in the search engines. Obviously Google is in the strong ranking as well as Yahoo and MSN.

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Do Social Networks Really Work?

A few times a month I get a phone call or email asking me “should I promote my bed and breakfast on social networks?” My usual response is “Short answer yes with a but, long answer no with an if.”  This semi joking response aside my answer is pretty correct. Using social networks can be an useful tool in driving traffic to your site or more specifically for inn owners,  leads for bookings but you have to understand how and why they work.

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5 Tip for a Better Bed and Breakfast Website

Having a professionally designed website for your Bed and Breakfast Inn is now standard practice.  The number of B&B/Inn are growing every day in the United Sates. How will you and your web designer decide what will make your website stand out from the other designs in your area?  Well,  we have 5 quick tips to put you on the right track and  help drive new bookings no matter where your bed and breakfast is  located.

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