Reviews and Client Testimonials

From: Susan Livingston
Harborside House, Marblehead, Massachusetts
Just a note to say how much I appreciate the "special discount" you have extended to "Harborside House" I am in my 27th year of business (at the age of 73) and I love welcoming guest to my home in Marblehead Massachusetts. Thank you for your excellent service over the years. Best regards.

From: Rob
I'd like to start by saying I love - it's awesome. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Thanks.

From: Gina
The Mangy Moose Bed and Breakfast, Anchorage, Alaska
Hi Nancy, The web site looks great. Thanks so much. I was at a bed and breakfast meeting last night and gave everyone my new site to see (and hear) You may be hearing from more Alaskans! Gina (The Mangy Moose B and B)

From: Jack E. Robinson
Martha's Vineyard Resorts, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
My foreign language repertoire is not too great, but I hope that "Voila" means, superb, extraordinary, magnificent etc. Everyone is awed by the site. You did a great job. I will talk to you soon.Very pleased with the Martha's Vineyard site, getting rave reviews, I am still passing out the word about Aardvark. Great job. Will talk to you soon. Sincerely, Jack

From: Karen
Advance Accommodations, Asheville, North Carolina
Many thanks for a great job !!!! We looked at it for the last 30 minutes. Thanks, I know how hard you two have worked. You are both such jewels. We will send the map hopefully tomorrow along with some better photos too. Talk to you soon.

From: Judy and Andy Lloyd
Ohio River House, Higginsport, Ohio
Hi Vinnie & Nancy, I finally got around to checking the email and am responding to your request for preliminary feedback. In a nutshell, my initial reaction is, as indicated above, I LIKE IT!!!

From: Suzanne Tweten
Loghouse & Homestead on Spirit Lake, Vergas, MN
We get a large number of hits from your B&B Directory on our tracker. In fact you are mostly 1st after the big search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc).

From: Linda Williams
The Old Bridge Inn, Jeffersonville, Indiana
The tracker on my website is showing your site to be the #1 source for hits to my site. Keep up the good work.

From: Blue Skies Inn B&B, Manitou Springs, CO
You are one of the few directories that still produces a regular flow of high-quality hits.

From: Ed Kirkpatrick
Harmony House Inn, New Bern, NC
Your sites are really good quality and we get a lot of traffic from them.

From: Pat Hayles
Almond Beach Resort, Belize
We are very pleased with the response we are getting from your site. I signed up in the evening for your site and had our first inquiry before I got up the next day.

From: Vikki Woods
Iron Mountain Inn B&B, Butler, TN
You've certainly been sending lots of people to my home page! Thanks.

From: Sandy
The Kings Chamber Bed and Breakfast in Cordova, AK
We too thank you for your years of service to The King's Chamber. In appreciation we will Facebook Like you after our site is removed. I don't want to misconstrue my homemade site with the professional work you folks do in case an interested party looked beyond my link to you. Nancy, you have been an inspiration to me over the years as being a woman who can still carry on her and her husband's dream ~ and you're still going!!!! Blessings to you and your team!

From: Dan

Homestead B&B in York Beach, ME
Checked out the site. Everything looks great. Thank you for you kind attention to my concerns. I only wish all of my business contacts were as cordial...Dan

From: Tom Hull
Lion's Head Inn Cape Cod
WOW....that is a fantastic site! Nancy, It was certainly a pleasure talking with you earlier and I greatly appreciate the time you spent explaining everything to me. I found it very educational.

From: Ralph & Phyllis Becker
Crescent Cottage Inn, Eureka Spring, Arkansas
Dear Nancy, Greetings from Portugal!!!! We have looked over the ad and in general we think it is really excellent. It's really, really good.

From: Victoria Schuh
Blueberry Manor, Yarmouth Port, Massachusetts
Your website is very attractive and we would love to be linked to your Featured B&B Section. Blueberry Manor, Jerry Rosen and Victoria Schuh

From: PC Magazine
We pored over dozens of sites and offer you four of our favorites, based on breadth and depth of content....Bed and Breakfast Network...Whether you're looking in Maine or Hawaii, the Bed and Breakfast Network aims to link you with the B&B that best complements your vacation. This directory lists more than 12,000 guest houses nationwide and has several other features that make it a site worth visiting. Over all...the information and photos make for pleasant browsing.

From: Home PC Magazine
Since Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year, a B&B is the most logical choice for a lovers' paradise. A good place to start your search is the cleanly organized This site is easy to navigate.

From: US News & World Report
March 1998
Llisted Bed and Breakfast Network as the first place to go to find a B&B.

From: Travel & Leisure
Published by American Express
Hot-Linked as the place to go to for B&B's at the Robert Redford Sundance Film Festival.

From: Carl & Beverly
Thurston House Bed &Breakfast Inn
Nancy, Many thanks for placing us and the Watchtide in the Northeast. Love the whole edition. You are very creative. Should we hold the room for the Clauses on the 6th? Merry Christmas.

From: Dick Flitz
Amelia Island Williams House, Amelia Island, Florida
Thank you very much for the Christmas link. It is beautiful. Thanks.

From: Susan Livingston
Harborside Bed and Breakfast, Marblehead, Massachusetts
I have just visited your Holiday Travel pages and they are wonderful. So colorfully presented in both script and photos! You are very artistic, combining words, images and music so beautifully. Best wishes to you for joyful holidays and a very happy new year.

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