Information for Innkeepers

Put your advertising plan into action. Being found on the Internet where at least 80+% of bookings are made. Your web site is your most valuable tool. Make sure your information is up to date. your photo's are sharp and your information is what your guest wants know. Photo's of your rooms should be at least 200 X 150. Your front page must attractive and your tool bar only a click away from the information your guest need to find. Be sure to list amenities you offer, area interest so your guest know they will have things to do, directions. Webervation's for reservations is a major asset, a photo gallery is a great for showing off many photo's of your B&B/Inn and the area. Do not forget a full contact page with information of how your guest may make their reservations, deposit and final payment. You will need to make sure that your phone's are answered. This is the largest complaint that we receive as a major B&B/Inn Directory ... no one to make contact with. We look forward to advertising your Bed and Breakfast Inn.

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Booking and Reservation options for innkeepers
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